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How the CLASS Method Can Take You From 70 Deals a Year to 700 Deals a Year

Often the reason we’re not seeing major results in our businesses is because we don’t know the steps we should be taking to get to the next point. If we want to maximize our success, we need to use methods that pay attention to multiple areas. Why is culture such an important element of our businesses? How should we approach lead generation and conversion in order to maximize our success?

On this episode, we learn how the CLASS method can take us from 70 deals a year to 700 a year.

Takeaways + Tactics

  • Invest in your team and create a great company culture. By helping our agents on their journeys, we can retain top talent and get more business.

  • Find a CRM that works, and don’t focus on cost. While top CRMs like Boomtown may be more expensive, the results we’ll see are definitely worth it.

  • When converting leads, treat them all the same way. Conversion doesn’t apply to internet leads any more than it does to prospecting or sphere leads.

At the start of the episode, we heard about the importance of mindset and why success in real estate is dependent on a passion for serving not only our clients, but our agents. We then discussed why we need to be willing to put ourselves in uncomfortable situations if we want to see great results. We also learned:

  • Why team leaders are responsible for holding agents accountable

  • Which systems we can use for follow-ups with leads

  • The strategies we can implement to serve our agents

To take our businesses to the next level, we need to have methods in place to help us. This method should include instilling the best company culture for our needs- something that reflects us as team leaders. We also need to be willing to invest- whether in our businesses, our lead generation and conversion processes or in our agents themselves. Investment is crucial for success.

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