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How to Host an Event That Gets You Referrals w/ Michael Maher

Hosting events is a great way for us to generate leads and increase our spheres of influence. What mistakes are we making when throwing events, and how many functions should we be hosting every year? How can we use appreciation parties to benefit not only us, but our partners as well?

On this episode, author, speaker and entrepreneur Michael Maher shares why we need to host more events, more frequently.

Takeaways + Tactics

  • One of the biggest mistakes we make is not hosting events at all. We should be hosting parties for our clients; prospective and existing alike.

  • Hosting just one function is not enough. To gain momentum and keep our clients’ attention, we should aim to host 3-4 events every year.

  • There are opportunities for networking in client appreciation parties where our lenders, warranty and inspection partners are present. Both we and our partners can gain referrals from successful events.

  • At the start of the episode, Michael explains how throwing a housewarming for his clients helped him gain 11 referrals. He then shared how we can find sponsors for our events, and use parties as a way of making money, while generating leads at the same time.

We also learned:

  • The 3 components of a great event

  • How to capture contact information at company functions

  • How to create a great experience for our guests

To generate excitement around our businesses, we need to offer our clients and target market something special. Hosting events is a great way to do this. Not only does it give us an opportunity to meet prospective clients and build lasting relationships with existing customers, but it also gives our partners a chance to network. We need to host events frequently, and see them as an opportunity to build relationships and get referrals.

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