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3 Growth Strategies for Your Business w/ Matt Mick

To take our businesses to the next level, we have to build and nurture teams of talented agents. How can we recruit great talent that will ultimately allow us to step out of some roles? What role does training play in growing our businesses, and what value can we offer agents to ensure they stay on our teams?

On this episode, team owner at Lincoln Select Real Estate Group, Matt Mick shares how he used the three pillars of growth to boost his business.

Takeaways + Tactics:

  • Recruiting talent is vital when growing a business. If we’re not good at recruiting by ourselves, we should partner up with people who can connect well with recruits.

  • Training should always be prioritized. Ensure agents are constantly learning as they go by providing them with access to educational resources and training sessions.

  • Retain talent by offering value. To keep agents on our teams, hire a transaction coordinator and an ISA to assist them.

At the start of the episode, Matt Mick shared what his greatest obstacle to success was after starting a new team in Lincoln. He shared the techniques he and his partner used to boost their success, and mentioned how their efforts changed their company’s culture for the better.

We also learned:

  • How to use gamification to increase productivity

  • The benefits of traveling with our teams

  • How to ensure accountability of agents and managers

Teams are the cornerstone of successful brokerages, so it’s important that we hire the best agents we can, and invest in them as much as possible. We have to offer our agents so much value that they’re able to outgrow us, but choose to stay on the team that invested in them. Growth is crucial for success, but for that to happen we must build effective, well-trained teams.

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