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How to Attract Your Dream Team w/ Meighan Wise & Andy Kueny

When we’re building teams, recruiting top talent is important - but so is finding people who fit seamlessly into our company’s culture. Does that mean we should be looking to hire like-minded people like our friends? What do we do if we find our recruits aren’t reflecting the qualities we would like to see?

On this episode, top producer at the number one team in Indianapolis, Meighan Wise shares how we can build our dream teams.

Takeaways + Tactics:

  • Be wary of hiring friends. We may have a lot in common with them socially, but that doesn’t mean they’re the best fit for our company’s culture.

  • Be what we want to attract. If our agents aren’t shaping up, we need to look at ourselves and see what we’re doing to attract the wrong recruits.

  • Make culture a priority when hiring. Our current agents should never feel that they need to change their behavior to get along with new recruits.

At the start of the episode, Meighan Wise shared how she got her team started. She explained how she started hiring team members organically, and how she decided who to hire first.

We also learned:

  • Why hiring a full-time admin can do wonders for our businesses

  • How to use the time we gain back when we hire recruits

  • The importance of offering our agents value

Hiring people who fit into our team’s culture is vital for success. It’s important that we hire great cultural fits, because we should aim to create an environment where everyone is happy to come into the office. In some cases, that may end up disqualifying people who are close to us socially, as we need to prioritize our teams and keep our current agents in mind when we hire new recruits. We also have to exhibit the qualities we’re looking for in our agents - we are what we attract.

Guest Bio-

Meighan Wise is the Lead Team Broker at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices. As an Associate Broker at the Dick Richwine Group, Meighan maintains an impressive portfolio of success. Five years running, Meighan's hard work, passionate customer service, and skilled negotiation skills have earned her the honor of "5 Star Realtor Award" by Indianapolis Monthly - an accolade awarded to less than 7% of Realtors in the Indianapolis area. She is a relocation specialist who uses her counseling education background to assist families both transitioning in and out of the Indianapolis area, and works with clients from Eli Lilly, Dow, GM, and Covance, among others.

With combined real estate experience of 200+ years and more than $1 Billion in sales, The Dick Richwine Group is currently the top team in production among local and regional Realtors in Indianapolis. Meighan is proud to be a top producer at the group and is passionate about making her mark on the real estate industry.

To find out more about Meighan, head to

Find her under Meighan Tucker Wise on Facebook

And to connect on Instagram, find her on @wiserealtygroup

You can also find Meighan on social media by searching the hashtag #wisemoves

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