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How to Elevate Your Team with a Concierge Service w/ Marissa Boyle & Alison Alston

To get ahead and stay at the top in real estate, we have to offer our clients a phenomenal service. What should we be providing our clients with? If we’re considering a concierge, what does the service include?

On this episode, Marissa Boyle and Alison Alston of Lodestone at Costello Real Estate and Investments share why they’ve hired a concierge for their team.

Takeaways + Tactics

  • Offer clients more value by providing a service most teams don’t have: a concierge.

  • A concierge should go above and beyond - from picking up laundry to registering a client’s children at school in the new neighborhood.

  • Put the clients’ experience at the forefront. Concierge services are expensive but will take our businesses into the future.

After discussing the benefits of hiring a concierge, we spoke about how to sell a real estate team. We also discussed the importance of branching out into other areas of real estate, like investing.

We also learned:

  • How training agents sets them up for financial freedom

  • Why there’s never a truly ‘slow’ month in real estate

  • Who should be in our teams

A concierge service is a high expense, but a worthwhile one. By offering our clients an exceptional service like a concierge, we elevate our businesses and ensure we bring in referrals for years to come. Customer experience is vital for success, so let’s provide the best offerings we can.

Guest Bio-

Marissa Boyle is a real estate entrepreneur, investor and sales coach. She is the founder of Lodestone at Costello Real Estate & Investments. At Lodestone, she has built a $50 million sales team. Today, she is active in Sales Coaching, iAgent Offer, Millennial Title Partners, and NextMove PRO and continues her commitment to Lodestone, which she sold in 2019.

To find out more about Marissa, head to:

Alison Alston is the owner and team leader at Lodestone at Costello Real Estate & Investments. She is passionate about helping her clients visualize their dream homes. Alison has a strong background in fundraising, and enjoys helping others in whatever way she can.

To find out more about Alison, visit:

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