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Jay Niblick on Recruiting, Hiring & Building Effective Real Estate Teams

Far too often, team leaders complain that their agents and staff are failing to deliver - but most of the time the root cause of poor performance is bad hiring practice. How can we start recruiting more effective agents for our teams? Is it enough to hire someone who is willing to perform a poorly-articulated role, or should we be looking for specific personality traits?

On this episode, CEO of WizeHire, Jay Niblick shares why leaders need to be more active in the hiring process.

Takeaways + Tactics

  • Stop settling. Often, as leaders, we settle on hiring someone who is willing to do the job but may not be the best fit for the position. We need to start looking for talent, not just willing workers.

  • Know what the position entails. CEOs need to narrow down what they’re looking for if they want to find the right talent for the job.

  • Pay attention to personalities. DISC assessments unearth more about people’s skills, which can help us find the best possible candidate for a role.

At the start of the episode, we discussed why poorly performing agents are a reflection of ineffective leadership. We learned why we should be thinking of our teams as legacies, and spoke about the importance of finding the right position for the right employees.

We also learned:

  • Which DISC type suits particular roles

  • Why leaders need to take extreme accountability

  • Why unstructured interviews are ineffective

As leaders, it’s up to us to build teams that reflect our company’s values. To do this, we need to be more involved in the recruitment process, and ensure we’re not just hiring agents willing to work, but who are dedicated to their roles. We can attract better talent by tailoring job descriptions more effectively, and by paying attention to personality traits. As team leaders, we need to do more to ensure we build better teams.

Guest Bio-

Jay Niblick is the CEO and Co-Founder of WizeHire. He is also the Founder and CEO of Innermetrix Incorporated, a consulting firm with a presence in 42 countries. Jay is the author of The Profitable Consultant and What’s Your Genius: How the Best Think for Success. He is passionate about helping small business owners recruit more effectively.

To find out more about Jay, head to or connect with Jay on LinkedIn: You can also email Jay directly on

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