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How to Become a Real Estate CEO: Ben Mathes’ Success Story

Is your dream to become a real estate CEO or a successful leader of a real estate team? This is no easy job, but with the right people and organization, you can be well on your way.

Real estate is rapidly changing, and new challenges are coming in the next few years, so to achieve the success you wish to have in this field, you need to start building a strong foundation for your work. 

On this episode of the Team Building Podcast, Jeff is joined by the CEO of KwElite in Nebraska, Ben Mathes, to discuss his journey from agent to CEO.

180 Group: Before His CEO Era

Just like Jeff, Ben started his journey as an agent; they were both in the same brokerage and started at the bottom of the real estate pyramid. 

Years later, the creation of 180 Group marked a pivotal moment in his professional journey. 

Under Ben's leadership, the company experienced a rapid ascent, expanding its ranks to include 26 agents and five administrative staff within a span of just three years.

Today, as the esteemed CEO of KwElite, Ben reflects on his path and attributes a large part of his success to a willingness to step out of his comfort zone—a crucial step for growth and innovation.

Why Leave Your Comfort Zone?

Many agents don’t start their journey to their dream position because they feel too comfortable in their current role. 

For Ben, the decision was clear. Although he was earning a substantial income in his position, he recognized the potential for greater achievements. 

His situation was comfortable, yet he acknowledged that by going solo, the opportunity for both financial and professional growth was much better than if he had remained in his comfort zone. 

The rest is history. Ben's willingness to leave behind the familiar territory paved the way for unparalleled success. 

It serves as an example that stepping beyond one's comfort zone is a critical step in the journey toward achieving one’s goals.

Becoming a Leader and CEO

Of course, just leaving your brokerage company and starting your own team won’t happen overnight. 

Embarking on the path to becoming a leader and CEO is a process that involves much more than just being good at your current job.

To build your own team, you not only need expert skills in your field but also know how to bring together capable individuals and inspire them to stay: Attract, train, and retain. 

For Ben, one of the greatest rewards has been watching the agents he's worked with develop their skills and start their own teams, reaching their goals. 

So, what does it take to achieve this?

Real Estate CEO Secrets: Attract, Train, and Retain.

To build a strong team, you will need to have something to offer them, something to attract them, and something that ensures they grow within your leadership. 

 The success of this process heavily relies on your ability to offer attractive incentives, an engaging training environment, and a retention strategy that ensures your team feels valued and motivated.

Attracting Quality Talent

Start by crafting compelling job descriptions that communicate the value your company offers. 

Demonstrate the potential that employees would reach by joining your team, as this can be a major draw for top talent looking for their next opportunity.

Effective Onboarding and Training

Once you have attracted candidates, develop a top-tier onboarding process.

Proper onboarding sets the tone for an employee's experience with your company and can greatly impact their longevity within the team. 

Retention Through Recognition and Culture

To retain your valued team members, make employees feel appreciated, and create growth opportunities for them. 

A success manager can play a critical role here, tracking what strategies are effective and which ones require adjustment based on team feedback and performance metrics.

Leadership and Accountability

Introduce an accountability manager role to ensure that team members are meeting their goals and are supported in their journey. 

This manager should collaborate with employees to create personalized career paths within the company.

Lead Generation 

In addition to these strategies, a strong lead generation system can keep agents engaged and content by providing a steady flow of work, allowing them to focus on what they do best.

Fostering a Strong Company Culture

Finally, nurturing a strong company culture where every team member feels included and important to the company's mission is crucial. 

Flexible work hours, encouraging time off for a healthy work-life balance, and offering modern tools and resources can enhance the work environment.

Become the Next Real Estate CEO

Becoming a Real Estate CEO involves guiding your team with vision and strategy to achieve collective success. 

It's about fostering an environment where agents can evolve professionally, whether they aspire to independence or aim to lead their own teams.

By focusing on streamlining operations and implementing efficient business practices, a real estate CEO ensures that the team can generate higher revenue with reduced effort. 

This practice includes adopting tech tools for CRM systems, automating administrative tasks, or using data analytics to pinpoint high-opportunity markets and trends.

By embodying these qualities and applying strategic initiatives, you'll equip your team for success in the changing landscape of real estate, paving the way for newfound independence and team power under your leadership.

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