Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join ERS Livestream?

You can sign up for ERS Livestream at any time by hovering over the Livestream link at the top or bottom of the site, then click Join.

How much does ERS Livestream cost?

We have two amazing programs to select depending on your needs:

1) TEAM MEMBERSHIP - $997/month

2) AGENT MEMBERSHIP - $97/month

Learn more about each membership here.

Sign up for a membership today.

Can I call to talk with someone about joining Livestream?

Yes! We would love to talk with you!

Simply use this link to schedule a call with one of our amazing reps that will guide you through the whole process and get your questions answered. 

We want you to feel 100% confident moving forward with our program, so don't be shy!

How do I learn more about ERS Livestream?

Excellent question!

Our website has all the details, tons of sample content, and client testimonials. Check that out here.

Otherwise, you can always schedule a call and talk with a rep to address your specific needs. 

What do I get with a Livestream membership?

Depending on which membership you select, you'll get tons of incredible value for the low cost.

We recommend heading to our Learn More page for Livestream to get all the details you're looking for.

How long is my ERS Livestream membership?

Every new membership, whether Team or Agent membership, to Elite Real Estate Systems is on a month-to-month basis.
However, we strongly recommend being on the program for 12 months if you're signed up under the Team Membership. We have 12 content-packed topics and we cover one each month over a year, and you won't want to miss any of them!

For the full details on Livestream memberships, check out our Terms & Conditions page.

What topics are covered in the Livestream trainings?

We have meticulously picked topics to train on that we feel will add the most value to agents and team leaders. One full cycle of topics will give you everything you need to build a dominant and long-lasting business, whether your goal is to help as many clients as possible, or help your agents grow their business under your team.

The core topics covered on Wednesdays and Fridays are: 
- The Big Picture (Overview of why we do what we do)
- Listing Presentation & Marketing
- Buyer Presentation & Exclusive Buyer's Agency
- Open Houses & Sphere Engagement
- Goal Setting & Time Blocking
- The Listing Agreement
- The Purchase Agreement
- Short Sales & Foreclosures
- CRM Best Practices
- The Art of The Negotiation 
- Social Media
- Referring Your Vendor & Lender Partners 
- New Construction
- Buyer & Seller Net Sheets
- Tracking Your Business Metrics
- CMA Best Practices 
- Circle Prospecting
- Expired / FSBO Conversion Techniques

We spend one month on each topic below every Thursday for Team Leaders:
- The Big Picture 
- Team Building
- Lead Generation
- Lead Conversion
- Recruiting 
- Accountability
- Marketing Service Agreements (MSAs) & Broker Fees
- ISAs & VAs
- Culture
- Marketing Systems
- Business Metrics Tracking
- Goal Setting

Who hosts the Livestream trainings?

We bring to you some of the brightest minds in the industry to teach strategic and proven methods to build a long lasting business.

The hosts of our trainings vary so that we make sure we're brining you the expert on that topic. You'll hear from the core members of Elite Real Estate Systems, like Jeff Cohn, Andy Kueny, and Kevin McGowan. You'll also see trainings hosted by agents that are subject matter experts direct from our flagship real estate team, Omaha's Elite Real Estate Group.

In addition, we'll remote in guests from all over to bring a different perspective on the topic to arm you with tons of brain power.

PRO TIP: You can always find the topic and hosts of upcoming trainings using the Livestream Calendar

Are there other benefits with an ERS Livestream membership?

Yes! We were hoping you would ask!

By being a member of ERS Livestream, you open the door to other great industry-related benefits. Some of those benefits include:
- Discounts with vendor partners like BoomTown, Rokrbox, and Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices
- A $2,000 discount to the ERS Team Building Workshop, only $997 for members
- Access to our Special Events page which contain videos from conventions held around the US 
- Lifetime access to the ERS Google Drive containing tons of value
Nationwide networking with other top agents and team leaders

What's the difference between Livestream for Teams vs Agents?

Great question!

- Weekly Wednesday team training & Friday dialogue training for agents within a team (8 hours/mo)
- Thursday high-level call just for Team Leaders (4 hours/mo)
- Access to the Special Events Livestream page featuring content from one-off events like conventions around the nation
- Access to a Success Manger to help answer questions along the way
- Access to streamed trainings for unlimited agents within a team at no additional cost
- Access to the Elite Real Estate Systems Google Drive, housing all intellectual property
- A $2,000 discount on The Team Building Workshop hosted in Omaha, NE monthly
- Admission to the private Facebook networking group
- Additional discounts, like up to 20% off BoomTown CRM platform fees (ask us about more)

- Weekly Wednesday team training & Friday dialogue training (8 hours/mo)

Are there examples of the Livestream content?


We have over three hours of sample content, ready to be viewed on our Learn More page. Check out what a normal week looks like as a Livestream member. 

Are there any testimonials from current ERS Livestream members?

Yes. We realize that it helps to hear from current members in the program to help you decide.

Simply click this link to learn more about the program overall, and click "testimonials" to hear what other people are saying about ERS Livestream. 

How many of my agents are included with the Team Membership?

With each new Team level of membership, you'll be emailed a code that you can distribute to an unlimited amount of agents on your team.
This code will give them access to the Wednesday and Friday streamed trainings. 

Do I have to have a team to sign up for the Team Membership?

Absolutely not. Though our Team Membership is going to be geared towards team leaders and building a team, there's tons of content that can be scaled down to an individual agent level.

You'll also receive all of the content we share with you in our ERS Google Drive, and you'll have a coach you and get in touch with 1 on 1 for 15 minutes a week to help troubleshoot any current pain point.

With a Team Membership, you'll have access to the exclusive team leader content covered on Thursday mornings, and maybe that will motivate you to start your own team. You'll already have the best coaching in place to do so!

Is ERS Livestream just for agents & teams in the United States?

We're happy to say, NO!

ERS Livestream can be accessed all over the world, all you need is an Internet connection and you're connected right with us. The content we cover is broad enough that it can be applied to just about any country in the world.

If you can't join us on our live calls during the week due to your location, you can always watch the recordings when convenient for you. 

Is there a schedule for the upcoming Livestreams?


Hover over the Livestream link at the top or bottom of the site and click the Livestream Calendar to checkout upcoming streams.

Let's make this easy too, here's a link!

PRO TIP: Add an event to your personal calendar by clicking on the title of the training, then Add to Calendar.

Can I add a Livestream event to my personal calendar?

Yes, and we encourage you to!

Once in the Livestream Calendar, simply click the title of any event and then Add to Calendar.

At this time, events can only be added one at a time. Here's a quick link to the Livestream Calendar.

Where do I view the Livestream trainings?

Let's make sure we get you the important stuff!

Simply hover over the Livestream link at the top or bottom of the site, then click Members. From there, select the training for that day of the week and you're golden!

Let's get you there quickly, here's a link for a shortcut. 

What are the days and times for the weekly trainings?

Elite Real Estate Systems hosts three trainings per week, depending on your membership level:
- Wednesdays at 10:00am CST: Team topical training (Team & Agent Platforms)
- Thursdays at 10:00am CST: High level topics for building out a team (Team Leaders Only)
- Fridays at 10:00am CST: Dialogue training relating to the topic discussed that Wednesday (Team & Agent Platforms)

NOTE: While this is the schedule you can expect every week, ERS may change dates, times, and topics at their discretion.

PRO TIP: It's always best to check the Livestream Calendar for the most accurate information on upcoming streams. 

How do I login to view the streams?

The login button appears at the top right corner of the site when you enter the Members area of Livestream. You'll use this gold button to log in and out in order to view the content. 

PRO TIP: If you're logged in and the video content doesn't appear to be available, many times just logging out and back in helps resolve this!

Where is the login / logout button?

he login and logout button appears in the top right corner of your screen.

PRO TIP: If you're having issues viewing a stream, many times logging out and back in helps. 

I'm having trouble logging in, what next?

- Did you register in the first place? Don't forget to do that before trying to log in.
- Check to make sure you're using the same email and password you setup upon initial registration. Click the 'Forgot Password' link if you're unsure about your password.
- Has your credit card changed or expired? A valid card is required to successfully log in.


PRO TIP: If none of the above helped, try opening the video player pages in an incognito window or clear your browser's cookies. This works almost every time.


Who do I contact if I cannot login?

Elite Real Estate Systems is partnered with a great company called InPlayer that protects the content living on the site. Their 24/7 customer support is happy to help you troubleshoot any issues you have logging in or questions about your subscription.

You can email them at any time at

My team leader signed me up, how do I start an account?

Upon official registration for the Team Membership, your team leader received an email with instructions.

As an agent on a team, you'll want to follow this 3-step process to complete the setup of your account:
1) Head to the membership section of our website.
2) Follow the steps to start a membership for the AGENT program (right option).
3) Upon checkout, you'll enter the promo code your team leader will have received ahead of time. With that code, your balance will be brought to $0 and you can finalize setting up your account.

PRO TIP: A credit card is required to complete setting up your account. This is for verification purposes only and WILL NOT charge your card so long as your unique promo code is used

I'm an agent on a team, what do I have access to?

As an agent on a team, you'll have full access to 8 hours of training each month!

Join one of the nation's leading teams, Omaha's Elite Real Estate Group, every Wednesday and Friday for various topics that help build a powerhouse business. 

I forgot to use my promo code & was charged, what next?

Yikes! If you're an agent on a team and forgot to use your promo code to get access to the streams and were charged, reach out to our billing department at

The promo code my Team Leader gave me isn't working, why?

When your team leader registered for the Team Membership platform, he/she was emailed a promo code to give to his/her agents so they can view the video content. Not working?
- The code is case sensitive, make sure you're using ALL CAPS.
- The code only works when registering under the Agent membership, not team membership.
- Check for spelling errors, it only takes one wrong letter and it won't work.
- The code will not work if you're trying to sign up on a Thursday - Team Leader or Special Events paywall, only Wednesday team training and/or Friday dialogue training paywalls.
- It may not be the code at all, but rather the credit card number. - Make sure you check that as well.

Why do I have to enter a credit card number if I have a promo code?

Excellent question.

If you're using a promo code that grants you 100% off your membership, a credit card is still required.

This is simply for account verification purposes and to ensure your account is unique to you. As long as the promo code is used, it's coded to NEVER charge your card. So you can rest easy! 

How do I watch past streams?

Once logged in and on a video player screen (image 1), click on the Event Posts icon located in the top right corner. This will open the panel of all past recorded streams (image 2) to be viewed over and over!

How do I chat during a Livestream?

Please chat with us! We love having interaction when we're live so we can answer questions and comments on the spot.

When we're live with a stream, the chat icon appears near the top right corner of the video (image 1). Simply click that icon to open the chat window and you're ready to start interacting. (image 2)

How do I reach out to a Success Manager with questions about the current content?

If you're a current Livestream member under the Team membership...

Just click the "Contact" link at the top of the site, then click into the "Success" department. From there, you'll have the ability to schedule a call if it's a longer question, or shoot us an email!

Can I receive individual coaching directly from Jeff Cohn or other ERS staff members?

At this time, we do not offer any coaching services outside of our normal avenues. However, there are many ways to get additional information on various topics in our program.

For this, we highly recommend you listen to or watch The Team Building Podcast with Jeff Cohn. The podcast features star guests from all over the US and Canada, and churns out new episodes every week.

PRO TIP: Not only is the podcast free, but it's a great way to pick up additional strategies on topics geared toward building a dominant real estate team. 

I'm seeing logos for a company called InPlayer. Who is that?

InPlayer is the 3rd party company that ERS is partnered with to protect our exclusive video content. They act as the gatekeeper for all memberships and provide the paywalls used to keep members in, and all others out!

InPlayer support is the best contact if you're having login or billing issues with the Livestream content. Their 24/7 customer support is happy to help at

How do I update my credit card information?

Simply reach out to our billing department at and we'll get you taken care of!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for the Workshop?


Just head to and click the "Register" link in the drop-down menu when you hover over Workshop at the top of the site.

From there, you'll select the Workshop you'd like to attend, add to your cart, and proceed to checkout. Upon registration, you'll receive an email with detailed instructions on your upcoming visit.

What topics are covered in the Workshop?

There's a lot throughout the day, so we'll give you the short version now:
- What a proper Leadership Meeting looks like with the managers of your company
- A full scale in-person team accountability meeting with Omaha's Elite Real Estate Group

CLASS with Jeff Cohn

- Managing staff, business metrics tracking, and the Listing Presentation with Kevin McGowan (Operations)
- Holding agents accountable through 1 on 1 meetings and tracking team engagement with Andy Kueny (Success)

Where do I learn more about the Workshop?

Absolutely everything you'll need to know about the Workshop is covered on our site.

Use this link for a quick shortcut and explore the page! You'll learn why we have the Workshop, what your day will look like, what you'll gain access to, and our policy on guests you can bring.

PRO TIP: Want to chat with someone on the phone before coming out? No problem! CLICK HERE to schedule a call and we'll gladly answer each and every question. 

How much does the Workshop cost?

The cost for the Workshop is $2,997, which includes you and one guest of your choice.

If you would like to bring any additional guests like, Ops or Accountability Managers, it will be $997 per person. Please contact us if you think you'll be bringing more than one guest.

PRO TIP 1: We like to offer discounts! It wouldn't be a bad idea to give our Podcast a listen or talk to us at a national event for a promo code giving you up to half off registration!

PRO TIP 2: If you're a signed member of ERS Livestream's Team platform, you get a $2,000 Workshop discount so your entry is only $997 for you and one guest! 

What does the day look like?

Come rested and prepared to soak in some knowledge, because we pack a lot of information in one day so you get the most value!

First things first, we start with introductions where you get to know more about us and our business, then likewise with you and your business. Time allowing, we'll dive into what our Leadership Meeting looks like. This is the meeting the managers at Omaha's Elite Real Estate Group have first thing every Monday morning to discuss the previous week and prepare for the upcoming week.

Shortly after introductions, you'll see agents from Omaha's Elite start to arrive as we'll jump into the full team accountability meeting we have every Monday. Each agent reports on their prospecting efforts the previous 7 days to the whole group. Then the managers and admin staff will talk about upcoming trainings and team events.

At the conclusion of the team accountability meeting, you'll spend the new couple hours in CLASS with Jeff Cohn:

From there, you'll spend time with Operations Manager, Kevin McGowan. He discusses what his role on the team looks like, managing the admin staff, what Omaha's Elite's proven Listing Presentation looks like, and ends with business metrics tracking and how to make informed business decisions for your company.

Next, your learn how Andy Kueny, Success Manager for Omaha's Elite, effectively holds 50 agents accountable on a weekly basis. See what an successful one-on-one agent meeting looks like, and additional strategies for tracking accountability metrics so you can measure lead conversion and participation with team trainings and events.

The day will end with dinner and drinks with the ERS staff, at your service to answer any additional questions from the day so you can get back to business and implement positive change in your company. 

Is food provided at the Workshop?

Yes! We want to keep you fueled throughout the day so you can focus on learning.

We'll provide a light breakfast, usually of granola bars, fruit, and other snack bars. If you like a big breakfast in the morning, we recommend eating beforehand.

Then we'll cater in a working lunch to the office in the afternoon and finish with a nice dinner in the evening to complete the day.

Enjoy snacks, coffee, tea, soda, and juice throughout the day to keep you alert and hydrated

Where is the Workshop hosted?

The majority of Workshops are hosted at ERS Headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska. But we're also starting to expand our horizons and will be hosting regional Workshops throughout the US in varying times of the year. Check out to see if we'll be in your area soon!

You'll spend the day in our cutting edge flagship office where Omaha's Elite Real Estate Group operates so you can see all of our teachings in action.

You'll have the opportunity to talk candidly with agents and admin staff, and participate in our team's weekly accountability meeting

Are there testimonials from other Workshop attendees?

We're glad you asked! Sometimes it's best to hear from your peers that have attended already.

All you need to do is head to our website's section on the Workshop, and click "testimonials" or scroll to the bottom of the page. Don't take our word for it, hear what others have to say!

How long is the Workshop?

Since this is a 1-day Workshop, we pack a ton of value into one day so you can get back to running your business.

You can expect the day to last around 10-12 hours depending on how many guests there are. We start at 8:30am and end with a dinner to answer all your questions as we unwind with drinks and food.

It's up to you when you want to call it a night as the ERS staff is going to ensure you don't leave Omaha without getting every question or pain point you have addressed. 

How often are the Workshops held?

Unless of an unusual circumstance or cancellation, ERS hosts a Workshop once per month.

Check out for the upcoming dates!

What is the address of ERS's office?

This is an important one! 

331 Village Pointe Plaza
Omaha, Nebraska 68118

We're located within Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Ambassador Real Estate, right next to Pitch Pizza for a good landmark reference. Below is a photo of the outside of the office. ERS is located on the 3rd floor, straight to your right off the elevators. 

How many people are at each Workshop?

We like to keep the group sizes smaller, usually no more than 12-15 people at a time.

We do this so you can get the personalized attention you deserve. You won't get lost in the crowd like some other larger events. You'll get every one of your questions answered and advice on where to take your business specific to your market.

The day ends with dinner and drinks, which is always a fun time to talk more about the day or just get to know each other so we can all make friendly national connections for future networking

Who would be best to bring as my guest?

We recommend you bring someone that's going to be helping you implement what you learn at the Workshop.

The most common positions that make for a good guest to bring are:
- Business Partner or Co-Team Leader
- Operations Manager
- Accountability Manager
- Office Manager
- Your office's acting Broker
- Lender Partner(s)
- Supporting role like a spouse or friend

Where is the best place to book a hotel for the Workshop?

There are two hotels within a couple minutes walking distance to the office where the Workshop is hosted:

What should I bring with me?

- Laptop computer
- Tablet
- Any other device for taking notes

How can I stay connected to ERS & other Workshop attendees?

We're glad you asked!

One of the great benefits of attending a Workshop is the continued networking available to you in the future.

After attending a Workshop, you'll be invited to our private Facebook community where you can ask questions, get advice, and maybe even catch a referral or two. This community is only for those that have attended a Workshop in the past, so you know they're top tier agents and team leaders... like you!  

Does ERS host private Workshops?

Can't come to us? Let's see if we can come to you!

Full Broker Visit Workshop: $10,000
This is typically a one-day 8 hour event or could be broken into two separate days, 4 hours each.  ERS would cover all transportation and lodging expenses associated with the event. This event would also include Andy Kueny, Success Manager and Kevin McGowan, Operations Manager.

Jeff Cohn Speaker: $5,000
This is typically 2 to 4 hours depending on what topics the broker wants Jeff to cover. It can be split across two days or different times during one day.

Please reach out to our Events Coordinator, Melissa Boldt, to discuss options for private workshops held in your city. 

Phone: (402) 885-9382

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I listen to or watch the Podcast?

Excellent question and great starting point!

You can find The Team Building Podcast with Jeff Cohn on:

Just look for the logo below and you'll know you're in the right place.

PRO TIP: Enter you email at the top of our Podcast page and you'll receive an email when a new episode comes out! 

Who hosts the Podcast?

Jeff Cohn is the main host, along with Matt Johnson, found of Pursuing Results and the Real Estate Uncensored Podcast.

Jeff and Matt dive deep into the inner workings of what's happening in today's industry. Even more value gets pulled from in-depth interviews with guests that are the top thought-leaders in various markets around the US and Canada. 

What content is covered?

You name it, we've probably covered it and will again.

Topics vary in all aspects of building a successful business in real estate. Examples include:
- Stepping Out of Production & Becoming a CEO
- Personal Development 
- Training New Agents & Accelerating Their Growth
- Which Team Model is Best for You
- How to Recruit Without a Recruiter
- Lessons Learned in Lead Conversion
- How Systems Lessen the Management of People
- Getting Referrals Both On and Offline 
- Testing & Scaling New Lead Sources
- How a Team Leader Adds Value

Does the Podcast cost anything?

Nope! 110% free of charge!

In fact, we'd even argue that you make money by listening to the podcast. You'll learn some extremely valuable insights and tips from one of the nation's top agents, Jeff Cohn, who has has built an award-winning team in a short amount of time.

Along with other top tier guests that we interview, we're confident that you can make a change that will positively influence you business in every single episode. 

What's the official name of the Podcast?

The Team Building Podcast with Jeff Cohn

How often is there a new episode?

With the exception of rare cancellations, usually due to national holidays, The Team Building Podcast with Jeff Cohn airs every Wednesday from 10:45am-11:45am Central time zone. Recordings of the Podcast will publish to iTunes, Sticher, and within about a week after original air date.

PRO TIP 1: Check out the live recording on Wednesdays by watching on our YouTube and Facebook pages!

PRO TIP 2: Never miss an episode! Enter your email at the top of our Podcast page on our site and we'll shoot you an email with every fresh new episode

What time do episodes stream live?

Every Wednesday from 10:45-11:45am CST.

Where can you watch the live stream? Simply follow either our YouTube channel or Facebook page!

Is there a video version of the Podcast episodes?

Yes! We love the video versions as you can put faces to our guests names and truly see how excited they are about their businesses.

Check out the videos by following either our YouTube channel or Facebook page! Recordings will always be available at

PRO TIP: Never miss an episode! Enter your email at the top of our Podcast page on our site and we'll shoot you an email with every fresh new episode

What types of guests are featured on the episodes?

Our guests range from all different kinds of markets, skills, team sizes, and specialties.

We love to bring guests that are at a peer level who can be subject matter experts. We've found this provides the most value for our listeners and implementors.

PRO TIP: Please feel free to reach out to us if there's an aspect of your business you feel you've mastered and would like to share with the world! 

Can I ask questions during the Podcast?

Not only can you, it's highly encouraged!

We love interacting during a livestream broadcast. Simply follow either our YouTube channel or Facebook page and feel free to comment.

PRO TIP: New episodes broadcast every Wednesday from 10:45-11:45am CST

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Elite Real Estate Systems?

We've love for your to read our story.

Head to the About page on our website to get the scoop!

Why should I follow ERS?

ERS prides itself on being a company that leads with a mindset of abundance. Rather than a traditional view of business where we keep secrets from each other and see one another as competition, we turn that completely upside down.

In a general sense, your typical real estate agent doesn't get the kind of leadership they need to not only have success in real estate, but in building a business that they own, instead of it owning them.

Elite Real Estate Systems is a coaching and consulting company that is by all means, no has-been. Through a perfect marriage of running one of the nation's top real estate teams, Omaha's Elite Real Estate Group, side-by-side to Elite Real Estate Systems, we're able to provide real-time knowledge and strategies on what's happening in our industry today.

ERS wasn't conjured up in a conference room full of people brainstorming on how to make more money. It started with a simple notion to share, and share everything. Now, through our national connections, we're tapping into all the pockets of amazing talent throughout the country and brining them to light.

Our goal is to continue sharing by offering 10 times the value at nearly 1/4th of the price of other coaching companies. At ERS, we're looking out for everyone at every level, and that's why you should follow us.

Is ERS affiliated with any other real estate related companies?

We certainly cannot do it all on our own. Our flagship team, Omaha's Elite Real Estate Group, has been rocketed into success thanks to some key partnerships.

Here are the companies that have really helped along the way and that we recommend:

Does ERS attend or host speaking events?

Good thing for us, we love traveling!

You can catch us at many of the top national events around the US. Some of our favorites are:
- BoomTown Unite
- BoomTown Regional Trainings
- Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Sales Convention
- Inman Connect

We do offer private speaking events if you're interested in a more intimate atmosphere. Please reach out to our Events Coordinator, Melissa Boldt, at (402) 885-9382 or for additional information.

PRO TIP: ERS is beginning to host regional Workshops around the US so we may be coming to a city near you! Check out our Workshop page on our site for more information and links to upcoming Workshop dates and locations

How do I contact ERS with questions or comments?

We'd love to hear from you!

Just head to our Contact Us page on our site and let us know what's on your mind. Someone will respond within 24 hours to your question or suggestion.